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Spell check is a common incorrect spelling of spellcheck.

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Spell check

The sole purpose of this page is to alert people that spell check is not a correct spelling. The correct spelling in Australia is spellcheck, as a single word, not spell check as two words, or spell-check with a hyphen.

Around 80% of Australian sites (sites ending in .au) use the incorrect spelling spell check. The Australian spelling is spellcheck. The American spelling is spell-check. The spelling spell check is an incorrect spelling.

Why does this occur?

Whilst the exact reason for the higher usage of spell check is unknown, anyone using a Microsoft product will find spellcheck as a single word, is marked as an incorrect spelling. The suggestion then made by the Microsoft spellchecker is spell check as two words. The suggestion of spell check as two words, is not correct for the intended word. The only time spell check would be correct, would be if someone was referring to a magic spell.

When spellcheckers find an incorrect word, one of the things they will do is to see if the word can be made up of two correct words with a space in between. If two words with a space in between is found, it is then presented as a suggestion. People may then select the suggestion spell check thinking it is the correct spelling, which in this case it is not.

The problem is the Microsoft spelling dictionary for Australians, does not include the word spellcheck, which it should.

For those who wish to use the preferred Australian English spelling dictionary I've created, which fixes thousands of issues with the Microsoft spelling dictionary, you're welcome to check out my site and products at www.Australian-Dictionary.com.au.

If this page does nothing else than alert you to the fact that spelling spellcheck as spell check with two words is incorrect, then the page has succeeded in spreading the knowledge.

Thank you for visiting this page.

Kelvin Eldridge
The creator of the preferred Australian English spelling dictionary


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